Photographed numerous campaigns and products for my favourite natural skincare brand LUMI.

LUMI’s products are full of natural cold-pressed oils and fresh raw ingredients. They use natural antioxidants and organic acids as preservatives. Just one pump of LUMI products releases the sensation of fresh pure mother nature.

LUMI people believe that holistic health is the way to achieve great results. What we eat, think and feel has a direct effect on the skin. In addition to product recommendations, they also provide advice for taking care of the body and mind, and professional skin care consultation.

Botanics and biotechnology are the heart of LUMI. Their range uses hemp oil. Industrial hemp, with its amazing amino acid ratio, is one of the world’s oldest and most cherished crops. It was banned for decades because of its association with cannabis, its sister varietal, but is now being rediscovered as a superfood with amazing health benefits and a wonderful oil that is wonderful for the skin.

LUMI’s skincare products provide proven treatment and anti-aging benefits. They are fragrance-free and non-irritating – perfect for sensitive skin.

I fully support and believe in them and what they are doing. Locally sourced plants combined with the wisdom of nature bring out the best of self-care. Less is more and nature is our answer.

Published in Allergia magazine

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