The transition to 2019.


Let this year bring us what we need. Let it show us the light and guide us the way. For new adventures, growths, choices. Into the unknown we need to trust. Let’s be better to ourselves and to each other. Share the love and joy, lessons and views. Let’s not judge, as everyone’s path is their own – as is yours. Live and let live, love and let love.

Embrace whatever the roads may bring. Trust in the All and flow with the energies. Give your respects and love to the surroundings and other creatures sharing this life here with us. Work smart, hard. Read more books, take better care, say “No” more and first “Yes” to yourself – do not feel guilt, you come first.

You can not share love and guidance to others when you don’t love and caress yourself. Our lives are our choices – remember, there are no rights or wrongs, no black and whites. The Life is an endless spiral of beautiful formulas which we not yet, perhaps never fully understand.

You are the one flow with the active energies around and inside you – thought is an action formulated through energies. What you think you create. Have a word with your mind and your heart – listen to your inner sound, trust in yourself. Do not give in to fear as it’s only False Expectations Appearing Real. When you have nothing to lose and fear is on your way, dive in – fear gives you an invitation to grow.

Plan more projects, always educate and learn – yourself. No one else is responsible for your actions, feelings and emotions. You choose the perception and reaction. Write more. Share more knowledge and learn more. Listen to the signs and other people. Take care of others around you and give them sincere attention, time.

May the 7 angels guide your way.