After hiring a professional wedding photographer and receiving those golden images from your most favourite day ever, you would really miss out if you didn’t print those beautiful moments to share with your friends, family (let’s not forget grandparents!) and guests. Feeling that gorgeous lasting fine art wedding album between your hands is an obvious cherry on top of the whole game.

Prints and wedding albums are an investment to you, to your relationship and to your children. The most beautiful moments spent together with your people will always be there. The people you love.

Why would you even hire a photographer if you did not print those beautiful photos of your happiest day? Who would see them? What will you proudly show your people when they come by? It’s great to post your wedding images online on your socials, but let’s not forget – there is nothing more connecting, grounding and healing than having generations around the coffee table looking at those photos all happy teared up together. We can not lose that. Do not lose that.

Give your children something to look at together while you tell them those funny stories about your wedding day.

Imagine just picking up that book from your favourite shelf, table or any other spot if you like. You can relive every moment in an authentic way. It’s not a screen, these are memories so strong and emotional, they have to be safe. You will want that book to be there.

Your beautiful photographs deserve the best. This will be your heirloom. Your beautiful loved up wedding album book. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your photos printed out! No lost images on hard-drives, no cheap discoloured, aging prints.

Something so precious to share with your friends and family. You will have what to hold and cherish for the years to come.

These exclusive and timeless 10″x10″ heirloom wedding albums are custom designed for each couple. The albums are printed on archival-grade high-quality matt paper stock and handmade by Brisbane artisans using the finest binding methods to ensure it remains a keepsake for years to come. The best part, there are so many beautiful fabric (from Germany) and leather (from Italy) cover options to choose from!

The album arrives at your doorstep in a beautiful gift box up to 4 weeks after you have confirmed the final design.
Discounts apply when ordering with a wedding package, to pre-orders and to newlyweds.

Shipping is included.

Fine art prints and wedding albums can also be ordered later. If your wedding was a long time ago, it’s never too late to print out your favourite images and to get your hands on this beautiful heirloom book!

To order prints and wedding albums simply get in touch.

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